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Maintenance Costs

Golden Sands Luxury Beachside Villas believes that every resident should have the right & freedom to manage their own property as they see fit. You can hire whoever you like to be your gardener, clean your pool, or if you prefer to do it yourself, then that’s your right too. As a community, we will discuss what projects need to be done in order to maintain the common area grounds to a high standard. Each house will be responsible for its own street light, and every homeowner will be expected to keep their own area clean, just as you would expect from your neighbors anywhere else in the world. There is no need to pay exorbitant common area fees to a juristic office that may or may not perform to your level of satisfaction. That’s why Golden Sands doesn’t charge a management fee. We can assist you in finding a good gardener, maid, or pool cleaner, but many people prefer to do this themselves.

What are all these management fees for?